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Meet Dr. Neil McLaughlin, D.C., C.C.S.P.

Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

Dr. McLaughlin was born into an athletic, health oriented family. His Dad, a former Division 1 Basketball player and coach for over 30 years in NY. His Mom, an immigrant from Ireland rose to become a Registered Nurse who eventually ran a Cardiac ICU unit at Stony Brook Hospital on Long Island, NY. Dr. McLaughlin and his 4 siblings were raised in an atmosphere of fitness and health.

In High School Dr. McLaughlin developed an obsession and talent in Cross Country and Track and Field that led to a scholarship at St. John’s University in NY. His goal was to study Biology and Pre-Med and head on to Medical School.

The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the Cause and Prevention of Disease”. Thomas Edison

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An Epiphany leads to Chiropractic

Two influences led to a career path change.

  1. His Mom, the nurse insisted that if he wanted to be a Doctor he needed to volunteer at her Hospital to see how the Medical System actually worked. Through volunteering in numerous departments from the Emergency Room to serving patient meals he realized the Medical System was focused on Sickness, Disease, and Dying while his personal philosophy was geared more to Health, Fitness, and Wellness!
  2. The second influence were the running injuries he started to endure in college. The increased mileage, intensity, and racing at the Division 1 level started to lead to injuries, but frustratingly they were only and always on the Right side of the body. The team Doctors and Athletic Trainers were more interested in therapy and taking time off while he was more interested in what was the initial CAUSE of these one sided injuries. It was not until a Chiropractic Doctor later identified a leg length difference caused by alignment issues of the pelvis and a muscle imbalance that the actual Cause was identified and appropriate treatment led to resolving the chronic injuries.

This epiphany led to a career and life change. He enrolled in NY Chiropractic College. After graduating his interest in athletics, fitness, and Wellness led to an advanced degree as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.

The Vision and Challenge

In Chiropractic school Dr. McLaughlin met Dr. Ronald Kulik who had a very similar athletic and family background. The more they ran together and advanced their education they came to realize they had a common goal and vision of what they wanted to do. They would pick up from their NY and NJ roots and take on the challenge of moving to Reston, VA to build the clinic of their dreams – Commonwealth Chiropractic Center of Reston PC of Reston.

They knew almost no one when they arrived but their reputation soon spread and they soon found themselves treating some of the top athletes in the World from Olympic Gold Medalists, World Record Holders, and Professional Athletes, as well as renowned Collegiate and High School Athletes. But they take as much pride treating the local Weekend Warriors and “back of the packers” as any elite athlete!

One does not have to be an elite athlete to get the same care, just a desire to achieve their own optimal health and wellness!

Since 1991 they have been treating and inspiring patients away from the “Sickness Model” of the medical system and towards a “Wellness Model” of regaining Optimal Health through Chiropractic Care and taking “ownership” of their own body, leading to less reliance upon medications and avoiding unnecessary surgery!

Family and Community

Dr. McLaughlin married his high school and college sweetheart, Kim, a former Triathlete, Runner, and Hawaii Ironman World Championship competitor. They have two wonderful sons, Ryan and Conor, who have pursued the health and athletic goals instilled by their parents in their own ways. The family resides in Reston, VA. Dr. McLaughlin has been deeply imbedded in the local Community over the years volunteering as a Coach and Board member of numerous sports leagues including RYA Football, RYA Basketball, RYA Soccer, and HRYL Lacrosse. He was also a Founder and Co-Race Director of the Plaza America Family 5K Run that raised money for Children’s Hospital for several years.

Dr. McLaughlin is honored to have been voted Fairfax County Times Chiropractor of the Year. If you’d like to learn how chiropractic care can help you, contact us today to learn more!

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