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Meet Dr. Ron Kulik, Reston Chiropractor

Discovering Wellness Early On

Growing up around wellness, Dr. Kulik had the opportunity to see firsthand how effective chiropractic care could be. His father, an All-American track and field athlete, received regular chiropractic care to remain healthy and prevent injury. During a visit to the chiropractor with his father at the age of 7, Dr. Kulik received his first adjustment. Every time he returned to the chiropractor with his father, he noticed patients waiting to receive care who were in extreme pain, but would walk out after an adjustment with a newfound spirit of health.

A Life Changing Experience

After numerous visits to medical specialists and 18 months of living in pain following a serious leg injury that made it impossible for Dr. Kulik to continue running competitively, he turned to a local chiropractor for care. After a thorough examination, proper diagnosis, and a handful of adjustments, Dr. Kulik was back running and was pain free. This life-changing experience was the inspiration and motivation for young Dr. Kulik to pursue a career in chiropractic.

He chose to attend Virginia Tech on a four-year athletic scholarship and majored in nutrition and exercise science. After graduating, it was time for Dr. Kulik to embark on his chiropractic career, choosing the renowned New York Chiropractic College. After, he and colleague Dr. McLaughlin co-founded Commonwealth Chiropractic Center of Reston PC and have been helping the Reston community experience optimal health ever since.

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Treating Generations of Families

One of Dr. Kulik’s favorite parts about being a chiropractor is getting to see firsthand how he’s influenced the health of families for generations. In fact, it’s not uncommon for him to see children, parents and grandparents who are all apart of the same family come in for care.

When patients truly understand the health and wellness benefits that chiropractic care can offer, it’s amazing to see them continue care for many years and the best possible compliment.

Outside of the Practice

In addition to his career as a Reston chiropractor, family is at the center of Dr. Kulik’s life.  He and his wife Sonya have four amazing daughters: Carly, Maddie, Grace and Corinne. Dr. Kulik has raised the girls in the same natural wellness lifestyle he grew up in; ample rest, proper nutrition, positive attitudes, plenty of exercise and regular chiropractic care form a strong foundation for their active, healthy lives. Their daughters are a tremendous source of pride for the Kuliks.

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